Laveen Esports strives to:

Model acceptable and productive online behavior, allowing students to become conscientious digital citizens.

Promote a safe and open environment for students with similar interests to form new friendships and learn valuable interpersonal skills.

Use video games as a medium to teach sportsmanship qualities and values to students. Encourage students to interact with the online world in a safe manner.

Gain experience with competitive gameplay, streaming events, graphic design, and social media management.

Promote healthy physical and emotional activities. 

Community Game Nights

Community Game Nights featuring Fortnite are held on Friday evenings. We play Duos & Squads and stream the matches online. Don’t miss the bus! 


Laveen Esports competes in the Western Region Middle School Esports Conference. WRMSEC is a league ran by educators that is free for any middle school esports program. We play Rocket League, Knockout City & Chess. WRMSEC is organized in Discord and on the LeagueOS Esports Platform.

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